by Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe & Ian McDonald

-a free educational digital application developed with the Unity 3D Game Engine



Please click on the applicable link immediately below to download and install Colonizing Modernism:

Windows 64 bit (for newer dual-core machines with Windows 7 or higher)

Windows 32 bit (for older Windows machines)

Linux 32 bit and 64 bit

Mac OS X (Version 10.6.8 [Snow Leopard] or higher)

How to bypass Windows SmartScreen to install programs in Windows 8 or higher from unsigned developers

How to install software from unsigned developers on a Mac



↑ forward

 left              ↓ back                   right

x – centres mouse pointer

SPACE – jump and climb stairs




w – forward

a – left            s – back              d – right

x – centres mouse pointer

SPACE – jump and climb stairs

To explore Colonizing Modernism from the First Person perspective, use the direction keys on your keyboard to “move” and, in conjunction with your mouse, to “look” and click on objects. Use the “x” key to centre the mouse pointer to the middle of the screen as needed and press the “Space” bar to jump in place or, while moving, climb stairs. Please ensure your “Num Lock” key is off.

Alternatively, you may use the W, A, S, D keys on the left-hand side of your keyboard in place of the direction keys.



Download the file to the desired directory. The Desktop is the set, recommended, default.

For Windows:  Once downloaded, click on the file. This is a self-extracting compressed file that will extract a data folder and a shortcut file to the Desktop/Folder. Click on the short-cut to play.

For Mac:  Once downloaded, unzip the file.  Click on the extracted file to play.



It is recommended that you use the existing settings but you may need to adjust the screen resolution to best fit your screen as text is frequently displayed at the top and bottom of the screen. It is recommended that you keep the “Windowed” Mode setting.


Internet Access

Colonizing Modernism incorporates other web sites within it so Internet access is required to enable all the features. Your browser may need to have pop-ups and tabs enabled if you encounter any difficulty.



Please send any questions, bug reports, broken links or comments to





About Colonizing Modernism

This educational digital application is a collaborative effort:  examining the intersections between 20th Century Modern Movement architectural design, and late, chiefly British, Imperial policy; while exploring the potential of digital media in 21st Century scholarship.

Research & Audio Commentary:  Professor Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe, FSA

Design, Research & Production:  Ian McDonald, Master of Digital Media

A faculty member of the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory at the University of British ColumbiaDr Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe‘s research and this subsequent project was supported by a J S Guggenheim Fellowship, a Visiting Fellowship at Clare Hall in Cambridge University and Grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

A long-time artist and advocate of the arts and arts in education, since earning his Master’s degree in Digital Media, Ian McDonald has been engaged in the design and production of meaningful digital experiences.


THE NEW COMMONWEALTH INSTITUTE, due to be opened by the Queen today (November 6). Clearly seen here is the much-discussed hyperbolic paraboloid roof of this magnificent building. The scheme was designed by Robert Matthew and Johnson-Marshall, the contractors being John Laing Construction Limited

New Commonwealth, 1962


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